Goddess Isis - I AM Meditation

Hugs Across The Cosmos
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I AM with Goddess Isis is a wonderful message that offers you insights on creating a reality of love and of your choice.

As you explore this meditation you will learn more about the power of your words and how using affirmations can help you feel safe and loved – no matter what you encounter on your journey.

You will explore the power of your heart beat, the breath of the soul and how it resonates to the I AM. You will also discover three powerful affirming phrases to use at any time you feel negativity creeping into your life.

This guided meditation is 22 minutes in duration and was recorded on a still Autumn evening in the Warby Ranges, Victoria, Australia and also contains some wonderful natural sounds of the environment to further enhance your meditation.

So that many may discover the power of I AM, this meditation is currently available as a FREE MP3 Download to your personal computer.