Goddess Hecate - Shades Of Grey Meditation

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This exclusive guided meditation helps you to discover the balance between the positive and negative aspects of your world.

We exist in a world of duality, that is a word of positive and negative. A world also known as one of light and dark intent. Throughout this meditation you will learn more about these worlds and how a world of duality exists within and around us. It teaches how we are all children of the grey by our very nature and that balance comes from acceptance of all aspects of our personality.

You will begin by sitting with Goddess Hecate and journeying with the protection of Archangel Michael back to the creation of time itself, from which all things flow. You will discover the birth of the Cosmos and that all things are indeed created equal. You will learn more about how our world of positive and negative came into being as well as learn more about the energy of these worlds around us.

You will also discover a unique visualisation that illuminates the truth of your personal journey and your head space of now to show you your unique shade of grey. That is the place of peace, truth and love that is unique to you and that exists within you. Once discovered you will learn how to bless your inner shades with love and in turn how to venture forward with acceptance and love. That is with love for self and of others.

This meditation offers a wonderful story of the worlds of grey and the duality around us all. It was recorded in the beautiful Otways in Victoria, Australia during the day of New Years Eve and features some beautiful sounds of this environment to further enhance its energy of new beginnings.