Adrenaline Affirmations Audio Series
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Adrenaline Affirmations Audio Series


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Affirmations are essentially positive I statements – that is statements that affirm positive choices and changes in our life. For if we choose to replace each negative thought with one or more positive thoughts then slowly with the passage of time, positivity will be our new thought pattern. Once we have this thought pattern wonderful things begin to happen.

By using affirmations in our life consistently, we create a life of pure joy and positivity. Once we start thinking differently we then start to speak differently and in turn create a vibrational frequency of positivity.

Learning these new thought patterns and repeating them can be a struggle. Indeed many are unsure of the words to use as affirmations – this is where the Adrenaline Affirmations Audio Series comes in. It offers you dozens of positive statements to repeat each day for a variety of areas in your life. With consistent use, these audio tracks can help you create the life you have always dreamed of.

This package includes 45 minutes of affirmations audio and features;
- Self Discovery Affirmations;
- Goal Setting Affirmations;
- Marketing and Business Affirmations;
- Habits And Subconscious Affirmations;
- Financial Freedom Affirmations;
- Relationships Affirmations;
- Health And Wellness Affirmations;
- Positive Thinking Affirmations and
- Spirituality Affirmations.

This collection of affirmations audio is available as an immediate download as 9 MP3 files contained within one ZIP File or we can post you a copy of the MP3 files on an Audio CD. You can use these tracks individually, on repeat or combine them for a powerful thought changing journey.

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