Help & FAQ

What is a PDF eBook?
The term eBook stands for electronic book. It is basically a book in digital form that can be read on your computer. They come in many formats including PDF and the eBooks available from Hugs Across The Cosmos are in PDF format, which is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers plus you can also send them to your printer if you prefer. One of the best advantages to PDF eBooks is that you do not need a dedicated eBook reader and can read them easily on many portable devices too – including smart phones!

Do I need any special software to read a PDF eBook? 
For eBooks in PDF format, you will need a PDF Viewer, such as Acrobat Reader which is usually included on most Personal Computer operating systems and Mobile Devices. If you are having trouble locating a PDF Viewer for your device, visit and browse their Products for both Personal Computers and Mobile Devices. 

What are ZIP files? 
A ZIP file is an electronic folder used to store multiple files relating to your purchase. It is a compressed file format to reduced its size for ease of download. You will need extracting software to unpack your purchase from the ZIP folder that it will arrive in – this is included in Windows Operating Systems and is generally an automated process. Hugs Across The Cosmos does not recommend downloading ZIP files direct to your portable device (see below). 

What are MP3 files? 
MP3 files are digital audio tracks, similar to music you listen to on a CD. These are in a common audio file format called MP3. You can listen to these using your default media player on your personal computer or can copy the files to your portable device (see your portal device manual for more information on copying MP3 files). 

Will I get an instant download of my purchase? 
Yes. After you have made your payment, you are then redirected to a page where you can download your purchase of any digital items immediately. You will also be able to download your purchase from your account (just log-in and click on the download button relating to your purchase). Each purchased download may be downloaded up to 5 times within a 7 day period from your purchase date. Once downloaded, there is no limit on the number of times you can view or play these files. 

Hugs Across The Cosmos recommends that if you have purchased any downloadable MP3 Audio, or products in ZIP files, that you download these direct to your Personal Computer and then copy these files to your portable device (see your portal device manual for more information on copying digital files). This ensures you receive full access to your files and does not reduce your download limit by incomplete downloads. PDF eBooks can generally be downloaded directly to portable devices supporting the PDF format, such as iPhone and Android Mobile Devices. 

I cannot download my purchase! What shall I do? 
Please contact us and we will endeavour to help you resolve any problem that has occurred.