Culinary Herbs eBook
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Culinary Herbs eBook

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Originally written in 1912, the author of this fascinating eBook says that they aim to awaken in its readers the wholesome though cupboard love that the culinary herbs deserve both as permanent residents of the garden and as masters of the kitchen.

Herbs possess the power of rendering even unpalatable and insipid dishes piquant and appetising, and this, too, at a surprisingly low cost. Most herbs may be grown in a corner of the garden, or if no garden be available, in a box of soil upon a sunny windowsill.

Throughout the 119 pages of this eBook, you will learn about many herbs, such as Sage, found naturally on dry, calcareous hills in southern Europe, and northern Africa and discover that in ancient times, it was one of the most highly esteemed of all plants because of its reputed health insuring properties.

In this illustrated eBook, you will discover more about the history of herbs, herbs defined, notable instance of uses, methods of curing, drying and storing, transplanting, implements, the location of your herb garden, the soil and its preparation, cultivation, herb relationships, and much more.

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