About Us

The journey of Hugs Across The Cosmos began in September 2011. Over the years we have travelled, helping many along the way through various websites, market stalls, a Wellness Centre and now through our latest project, based from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

We are located at 72 Vine Street in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia where we are available by appointment only. Please telephone 0467 031 003 to arrange a time to visit. Our shop space also features an area where readers and practitioners offer Angel Tarot, Bach Flowers and Women's empowerment to name but a few. 

Through this space and our website we offer a wide range of Christian and mystical products to inspire and bring joy. Online delivery is available to virtually any address in the world thanks to the extensive Australia Post network.

Products include a diverse range of statues and figurines as well as a great selection of aromatherapy products featuring Incense sticks, cones, essential oils, accessories and more.

There’s unique crystals, sun catchers, window stickers, cards, statues and magnets a-plenty too, along with various other products to discover in an ever changing range.

This is complimented by our social media presence on Tumblr and Facebook with highlights shared on Google+.

Through all our projects and indeed in any contact we have throughout our work we believe in helping people and prospering through doing so. 

Our reach is global with our beacon of light helping many throughout Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, India and the United Kingdom, to name but a few.